About Us.

In 2011 CEO Menachem Roth and COO Shmuly Silber established Quad Construction,
a construction management and general contracting firm serving all 5 boroughs of NY.

At Quad Construction, we understand that sites are getting bigger and more complex,
with more trades and people working together than ever before.
With a collaborative approach and strong capabilities, we use our resources and experience
to manage projects with multiple moving parts and help a wide variety of clients across many industries,
including retail, education, and healthcare.

The QUAD Blueprint to Success.

  • Safety First Our projects meet and exceed all OSHA workplace standards. This safety focus keeps the public, your property, and our crew safe – and protects you from unexpected delays.

  • Clear Communication Our management team provides you with a comprehensive weekly update because we know that effective communication leads to better outcomes.

  • Practical Problem Solving Each project presents its own set of obstacles. We use our deep industry know-how and extensive experience to keep your project moving on schedule.

  • Precision, Always We carefully coordinate with all contractors on the project, so each aspect of execution falls into place correctly and seamlessly.

2071 Flatbush Ave, Suite 44,
Brooklyn, NY 11234

// 718.475.9108
// info@quadny.com

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